Why Are Log Cabin Holidays Becoming So Popular And Why Why Are They Right For You?

Why Are Log Cabin Holidays Becoming So Popular And Why Why Are They Right For You?

With the UK still in recession, the self catering industry can expect another good year in 2010 and it’s about time too. The UK has some fabulous locations and scenery yet it still remains a reluctant holiday destination for many of the British. Perhaps, one reason for this is the quality of the accommodation. People that are looking to go away on holiday in the UK are faced with the following self catering accommodation options:
A touring caravan
A static caravan
A holiday apartment
A holiday cottage/home
A log cabin
If however, you are trying to convert people from going abroad to staying in the UK, then these people are really only likely to consider a holiday apartment, holiday cottage or log cabin as suitable accommodation.

There are already thousands of holiday cottages available to rent in the UK and this is closely followed by the number of holiday apartments available for one or two week breaks. However, there are a growing number of log cabin holiday sites appearing on the self catering market.With so many holiday cottages and apartments already on the market, the fact the log cabin accommodation is a growing sector, means that there must be a demand for them. Why is this though? Well to a certain degree it could be that the newer log cabins (less than 10 years old) outnumber the older log cabins. Perhaps, therefore, this growth can be explained by the fact that the average UK holiday punter is looking for a more modern styled holiday accommodation.Do you want modern accommodation though? Perhaps you live in a new build home and you’ve had enough of the modern interior and plasterboard walls. Perhaps you want to escape all of the straight lines and magnolia paint and stay somewhere that has got some character. In this case you may want to look at staying in a holiday cottage. Be careful though, although some character is nice, there are many cottages – which from their photos – look as though they date back to Victorian times and I can’t imagine that these are joy to frequent.

If you live in the countryside, your idea of a holiday may not be to stay in accommodation that’s in the wilderness. Or perhaps you’re a city dweller and don’t really like the countryside. In either case, perhaps a city escape is more your thing. There are many city apartments that make a beautiful place for you spend your holidays.

If you like the outdoors though, perhaps a log cabin would be more your thing, the Log Cabin Holidays Directory has a comprehensive list of holiday lodges in the UK.