Reasons to Develop a Holiday Rep

Reasons to Develop a Holiday Rep

What is a Holiday RepMost of the people must have not even heard about this excellent and fun filled career opportunity called holiday representative. The holiday representative is a person who would be responsible to look after the holidaymakers who are on a package holiday throughout the world.The duties of a holiday rep can vary depending on the operator of the tour, but it generally includes meeting the holidaymakers at the airport and then escorting them to the planned accommodation. The holiday rep will also have to host welcome meetings, handle the customer complaints, organize excursions and also check the safety of the hotel along with other customer satisfaction services.Even though a holiday rep means a hard work to be done, becoming a holiday rep can also be very enjoyable and rewarding. Building your career as a holiday rep is a great way to travel around the world and also get paid for it. Two of your days on work would rarely be the same and additionally you will also meet thousands of people as you travel right from the great holidaymaker destinations to the locals. The operator of the tour would pay for all your flights from and to the resorts and would also provide you a free travel insurance along with a good accommodation to say in the hotel that you represent or you might also have to share the villa with other reps.

How to Become a Holiday RepThere are a number of tour operators who are constantly looking out for holiday reps as their staff. The qualification that is required would however depend on the type of position that you are looking to apply for. A few of the companies would require holiday reps to be of 18 years old whereas most of the companies will need to be of 21 years old. Normally a formal qualification is not required but you should have good GCSE and a qualification in tourism and travel to boast you chances for the post.Apart from this it is also not necessary for you to speak a second language and you just need to be willing to go abroad and be very strong and confident. However if you would be the children’s rep then you will need a police check which is generally obtained by your tour operator on your behalf.Most of the tour operators would also ask you if you prefer a particular resort where you would love to work in even though it is not guaranteed that you might be based in the resort. Becoming a holiday rep would be a matter of where you are needed to work.Work During the Winter SeasonWhen the busy summer season has ended and if you have proved to be a good holiday rep then the tour operator can also offer you some work during the winter. This can be in a ski resort or a winter sun resort if your tour company holds this option. However if you prefer coming back home during the winter months then you can be offered in your hometown company in travel agency or their office.

Most of the people who take the decision to become a holiday rep would surely want to know how much they can expect to earn from their work. The starting salary package for you as the holiday rep can start from around £500 every month which would include all the commissions over your selling excursions and other customer services provided. Although this sounds to be very little you can cut down your accommodation fees as it would be paid by your tour operator and might also offer you meal vouchers in the resort when on duty.

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