Luxury Holidays

Luxury Holidays

Weather must be the main topic of conversation when it comes to holidays and in fact it is normally weather conditions that dictate which places are suitable holiday destinations. Although we may not regard weather as being a particularly luxurious component, many other parts of a holiday are capable of attracting a “luxury” nametag if they are of a high enough standard. Things like travel arrangements, the hotel, villa or apartment and the food on offer can all be ranked on measures of excellence or luxury. Of course everyone has different expectations for their holidays. Some may be used to the absolute best of everything when living at home, while others may live their daily lives at more typical levels of comfort. This just means that one man’s luxury may be another’s normality. So how do we classify a luxury holiday?A holiday is not just about the travel arrangements and the accommodation, it is a mix of experiences that start right from the moment you confirm your holiday booking and end when you finally return home. Every individual part of the holiday can be truly excellent or nothing to write home about, and everything in between, but when everything rates as perfect and the memories of a superb break leave you felling happy, you may just have experienced the ultimate luxury holiday. So luxury is about all the key parts of a holiday and all the minor things too, the attention to detail, the customer service, the knowledge that everything has been done to make sure your holiday is nothing other than superb and will leave you reflecting on those happy times into old age.

The traditional brochure is often the starting point of most holidays and it is at this early stage that most tour operators have the opportunity to explain in words and images just how luxurious their holidays are. For companies that offer their holidays over the internet, and that is most companies these days, the facility to use video provides another medium by which the luxury elements of a package can be shown in glorious detail.Having booked a holiday, there is normally a period of waiting and expectation until the holiday actually starts. For a regular holiday you may receive a book of tickets and some simple travel information, while a luxury holiday company could be in constant contact, sending high quality travel documents, offering a range of optional trips and add-ons that offer to make your trip yet more special. Then there is the start of the holiday and a short journey to the docks or airport terminal. Most people will make the journey under their own steam, while luxury holidays could offer a taxi option or personal chauffeur service.Some people dislike airports while others love them, but they are always better with a little special treatment. Waiting in the comfort of an executive lounge with complimentary food and drink is a welcome alternative to the busy scenes at a departure gate full of hundreds of travellers. And once on the plane, there may be the option to book a higher standard of seat, one with more space and a better level of cabin service.Cruises are a type fo holiday that are synonymous with luxury and exceptional levels of service, there is normally a wide choice of cabin accommodation. They range from simple inside cabins, with compact dimensions and no external windows right up to luxury suites with picture windows, balconies and spacious dimensions. The most luxurious suites often have extra rooms, even upstairs accommodations and offer facilities such as Jacuzzis and dedicated staff.

The same myriad of choice is normally offered for hotel accommodation with luxury alternatives providing everything from multiple bathrooms, super-sized TVs, Jacuzzis, rooftop gardens even private swimming pools. There are hotels that provide more abstract types of luxury that some may regard strange but others would rank as extra special. There are underwater hotels, hotels built in tree tops and even libraries! Then there are the hotels that are frequented by film stars and celebrities, places that have been held in high regard for their levels of service and luxury for many hundreds of years.Luxury holidays do come in many formats and types, but they normally offer one common theme, a standard of comfort and service that contributes to creating an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

With a history of working in the travel trade Mark has followed the trends in luxury holidays in all kinds of destinations.