Discover the Best Time to Have a Holiday

Discover the Best Time to Have a Holiday

Most people work for over 40 years in their chosen fields. During that time, there are many opportunities to take holidays and the best time to take holidays is when you have planned them. However, many people find it difficult to fit their holidays into their busy lifestyles. Studies in western countries show that people take less than 75% of available paid leave annually.There are many reasons for this behaviour, however most “Experts” will suggest that the taking of annual holidays is good for us. Ideally, taking your holidays when it suits you is a great aim. Factors influencing the decisions could be, season, family/home situation, workload, travel costs etc.

For most people, summer is synonymous with sunshine and taking time off. But as we reach the peak of the season, you might find yourself wondering how you’ll fit in all of your paid holiday days before the weather turns chilly again. You can enjoy great holidays in all seasons, not just in summer. For example, photographs taken on an autumn will show vibrant colours that are not seen in summer or spring.Family situations, such as young children, critical schooling years and elderly parents impact holiday decisions and in many cases a “home holiday” is best. Take the opportunity to fix up a few things or just relax. Planning is most important in these situations. Several short holidays in a year may suit these people.Most businesses have peak and low periods of activity. Taking holidays during the slower times is a great way to co-ordinate your work and home life – and make your boss happy! Don’t let your boss pick your holidays. Plan your holidays ahead of time and things will usually go better.Most discerning travellers expect good value for their holiday dollars. There are times in the year when better value is attainable. For example, it is usually more expensive to travel to and stay at popular ski resorts during the best snow falls but it is possible to enjoy other times at the snow fields. Last-minute purchases of travel, tours and cruises is a great way to enjoy better value.

Not taking proper holidays may seem harmless, or even helpful to your career, but be warned: it can also be damaging because evidence shows many people become less productive without proper breaks. Long sustained working hours can impact work quality.Finally, leave the company mobile phone at home (or better still at work) and avoid checking business emails.The best time to take a holiday is anytime it fits into your life. Enjoy your planned holiday and come back refreshed, creative and ready to do great things

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